October Selfie Tournament Standings and November Games Announced!

You only have two days left to improve your scores for October’s Selfie Tournament at North End Pub! The top 8 players get invited to play in finals this Sunday! Remember tomorrow night is Halloween and FREE PLAY WEDNESDAY so a great time to get in some last minutes scores. Here are the standings.

Ocotber Standings

John Dozier will not be able to attend finals so right now up to qualifier 9 will be invited to play in finals.

With that being said we are also only days away from starting November’s tournament which will take place on Congo and Fish Tales! Starting Thursday all the way through the end of the November play either game to be entered into the tournament. Our two longest lasting games at the bar should lead to quite the competition. An addition to this month’s tournament we will be saving the money up earned by those two machines that month and using it as the prize pool for the finalist!

Tournament game signs layered Novmeber NEPF-CONGOFish Tales flyer


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