Last Chance for Make-Up Monday! Conragts to Tom, Keith, and Zach! THURSDAY NIGHT LEAGUE FINALS!

If you missed last Thursday tonight is your last chance to make it up! After tonight our standings will be final and we will be set for our finals tournament which will take place on this THURSDAY NIGHT! We will start as close to 8PM as we can, if you know you are going to be a few minutes late please let me know so we can accommodate, but really try to be on time!

Yesterday we held the finals for the October Selfie Tournament. Tom Vandenburg was victorious over Keith Alyea on the last game of Prospector claiming the championship, and  Zach Dewitt and Tommy Skinner tying for 3rd place behind them. Thanks again to everyone who played, and don’t forget this Month’s games are Congo and Fish Tales! We are already seeing some impressive scores being put up so keep on plugging away. Also a reminder that all the money earned by those two games this month will be used as a prize pool, as of yesterday we are already up to $50!

Tournament game signs layered Novmeber NEP

Also for any of you looking to get in some more pinball, there is a tournament at Main Street Amusements tomorrow night at 7:30 PM! Hope to see a few of you there!

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