Thank You! Next Tournament Nov. 18th @ 5 PM!

I just wanted to congratulate & thank everyone who came out and played in Pinball League Season 4 at North End Pub! We had 25 people play at some point during the season, 23 play in over half the weeks qualifying for finals, and 22 players participate in the finals tournament last night!

On my end, it has been really cool to see how much everyone has improved over the last year since the machines were put in the bar, and how many of the games last night were really close. I hope everyone has enjoyed playing them as much as I have enjoyed watching people play. I hope everyone continues to play, always feel free to invite new friends and family to join, and never hesitate to ask questions about the games as I’m happy to help anyone learn the machines as best as I can.

Here are the final standings from  the tournament last night:

Pos. Name Strikes
1 Tommy Skinner 1
2 Keith Alyea 4
Tom Vandenberg 4
4 Sam Taylor 4
John Hawxby 4
Josh Burton 4
7 Carla Graves 4
Zach Dewitt 4
Michael Alexander 4
10 Joseph Crook 4
Tommy Byrd 4
12 Romaldo Valdez Jr. 4
Bailey Kinsella 4
Casey Taylor 4
Zach Davidson 4
Danielle Alexander 4
17 Brandon Edging 4
Ed Cadwallader 4
Brett Maxwell 4
Nick Maxson 4
21 Austin Hill 4
Suzette McNew 4

Our next event will take place on Sunday, November 18th at North End Pub from 5PM-7PM. Anyone can play in the event! This will also be the day of WWE Survivor Series. Hopefully, you can all make it out and play in the tournament!

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