Selfie Tournament at North End Pub!

There are only 12 days of Selfie Tournament action left at North End Pub! Get down there and play Baywatch and Indianapolis 500! Take a picture of your score and submit it or show it to me in person so I can get it entered for you. The finals will take place on December 23rd.

Tournament game signs layered December NEP

Remember Wednesday night is FREE PLAY so a great time to put up some scores.

Sunday at noon we have the Indiana Matchplay State Championships, we still have 10 spots left for players to participate. The winner will be our first title holder, which should arrive Wednesday. The tournament should be over by 6PM at which point we will have a WWE TLC 2-hour Matchplay event. When that is over stick around and watch some sweet WWE action on the TV.

Coming Soon…it’s the return of TEAM LEAGUE!!!!! Get a few of your favorite friends and form a team to battle it out in a variety of head to head competition. Thursday nights in January! More details to come soon.


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