Thank You & Congrats!

First off, a huge thank you to everyone who came down to North End Pub yesterday and played in the first ever Indiana Matchplay State Championship! Player conduct and behavior seemed to be pretty good, and overall I think people seemed to have fun and really enjoy the format. If you have any feedback or ideas for improvements in the future absolutely feel free to reach out and let me know. I appreciate players treating each other and the machines with respect, while still having competitive fun.

Secondly, but more importantly, congratulations to our State Champion Matt Peace! Matt played great all day long, qualifying first, and then whooping Tommy’s ass in the finals on consecutive games to claim the victory 2-0. Wear and defend the belt with pride! Follow @Indianapinballchamp on Instagram or check out the Facebook Page to find out when and where he will be putting the title up for grabs. Matt must defend the title before the end of January somewhere in the State of Indiana, perhaps next time it will be your shot to win the 5 Pounds of Gold!

Matt Peace Champion.PNG

Not only did Matt win the state title, but he also went on to claim victory in the Matchplay Challenge immediately afterward. It would have marked his first title defense if he had put the title on the line, but he declined all challengers for the evening and in all honesty who can blame him as the title belt is freaking sweet!

All results have been submitted to the IFPA as of this morning, and should be posted to your profiles very soon.

Again thank you to everyone who came out and played yesterday, and I hope we can make this title something fun for all of us around the state.


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