TEAM LEAGUE IS BACK!!! Thursdays 8PM @ North End Pub

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Get down to North End Pub tonight for FREE PLAY Wednesday and your last chance at getting in practice before tomorrow night when TEAM LEAGUE returns! As of right now, I believe we have at least 6 teams that are playing for the cup this year.

  • Super Jackpots – Tommy, Kaleb, Josh, John, and Alyssa
  • Casey’s Team – Casey, Ed, and Carla
  • Region Rats – Phil Mowers, Travis Lancaster, Mark Uncapher, Matt Tozcek, Brad Smith, & Nick Beach
  • Sam’s Team – I’m assuming Sam has assembled a team
  • Keith’s Team – Keith, Janet, Danielle, and Michael
  • Doom Room – I’m assuming the Doom Room will assemble a force to be reckoned with by Thursday.

If anyone else wants in we can place you on other teams or still arrange for a new team to be scheduled into the league. We will play on Thursday nights starting a bit after 8:00 PM. As always players are encouraged to eat, drink, and be cheer on your teammates. This league is designed to be relaxing and fun.

Team League Scorings is explained below, 9 points are available per match. The team with most points is the winner. Final Season standings are determined by best record, and ties are broken by total team points earned during the season.

Team 1 (home)____________________ Team 2(away)____________________
Game 1: One vs One 1 point. Home team picks game.
Game 2: One vs One 1 point. Away team picks game.
Game 3: Doubles, two vs two, 2 points. Home team picks game.
Game 4: Split-Flipper doubles, 2 points. Away team picks game.
Game 5: Relay Race3 points. Home team picks game.
Total Points

Doubles, the game is played as a 4 player game. Add up the scores of players from the same teams, team with most points wins. Split-flipper, the game is played as a 2 player game, each team sends up 2 players, but each player may only control one flipper.

Relay race, a different player from each team must play each ball, on a 5 ball game players may play more than once.


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