Reminders and Announcements!

Wednesday is still FREE PLAY all night long!

A big reminder that there is NO TEAM LEAGUE THIS THURSDAY, Feb. 14th! Spend Valentine’s Day with someone special, or your local pinball location, both are equally important 😉 !

Sunday, Feb. 17th there is a 4-Strikes tournament at Main Street Amusements at 7:30 PM! $1 entry fee to play in the tournament.

The following Thursday, Feb. 21st, all teams will play doubleheaders for Team League, and the then Feb. 28th we will have finals night where the teams will battle for The Cup!

Sunday, Feb. 24th we will have our Monthly 4-Strikes Tournament at 4PM at North End Pub, and the Indiana Matchplay Championship will be on the line! The winner of the tournament takes home the belt! $1 entry fee to play in the tournament.

Then we will kick off a new individual season Thursday, March 7th at 8 PM. Our new season we are teaming up with locations around the state to form the Hoosier Open Pinball Super-League (HOPS). That means when playing at North End Pub not only are you earning points against your friends there, but you are competing with players from Fort Wayne, The Region, and Evansville as well. The season lasts 8 weeks and at the end, the top players from each location get invited to play in a tournament of champions. I will update everyone with more information in the coming weeks!





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