REMINDER Team League Double-Header on Thursday!

Just a reminder to everyone out there that Thursday night at North End Pub we will have our last night of the regular season for Team League! Every team will play two matches that evening and by the end of the night, I will be able to tell you who is playing for The Cup the following week. As always plan to start around 8:15 or so and we should still be wrapped up by about 10 even with the two matches. Looking forward to seeing everyone there, until then stay warm and stay safe!

ttc header

Team League Standings

Current Standings:

  1. Pindemonium Zwei! 3-0 with 21 team points
  2. Region Rats 2-1 with 16 team points
  3. RIP Tommy B 2-1 with 15 team points
  4. Super Jackpots 1-2 with 13 team points
  5. Doom Room 1-2 with 11 team points
  6. Pull and Pray 0-3 with 5 team points

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