Congrats to Keith Alyea, HOPS CHAMPION! Selfie Finals for April Tonight at 6 PM @ North End Pub!

Keith not only won our NEP Season Finale last Thursday but he strapped that Championship Belt on and headed down to Boss Battle Games in Indianapolis to compete against the rest of the finalists from around the state and came out victorious on Saturday in the inaugural HOPS Season Finals.


Zach, Danielle, Brett, and Keith representing North End Pub! 

North End Pub represented well sending 4 finalists Keith, Danielle Alexander, Brett Maxwell, and Zach DeWitt. Brett and Zach were eliminated narrowly in the first round but made a great showing for their first pinball competition outside of North End Pub. Danielle advanced to the final 8 on a tie-breaker game, claiming victory on Indianapolis 500. Keith would end up outlasting his 3 opponents in the finals with two second-place finishes followed by wins on games three and four of the finals to finish the round with 24 points and another championship to his name. I truly hope everyone had a blast playing in this season and it heats up the competition to head down to the finals of our next season which will run June-July, the finals taking place in early August.

The selfie finals for April are tonight at 6PM! If you are in the top 8 you are definitely in the finals. 4-strikes format, groups of 4 get 2 strikes, groups of 3 get 1 strike. Play until 1 player is left without 4 strikes. Hope to see everyone there!

NEP April




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