Welcome to Jurassic Park!

Jurassic Park is here! Get down to North End Pub and check out the latest release from Stern Pinball. A huge thank you to Dan St. John of Main Street Amusements for making the trip with me to the Stern factory yesterday to pick the machine up. Whenever you aren’t playing pinball at North End Pub you should definitely be checking his games out just down the road. Between our two locations, Lafayette has about 50 pinball machines for the public to play within just 2 miles of each other.

The game is designed by Keith Elwin and has an amazingly deep rule set already coded into the game at launch.  Below are some tips for you as you get to learn the new machine.

  1. Spell C-H-A-O-S by hitting the shots in order from left to right across the playfield (look for the inserts with the letters). Once spelled shoot into the pop bumper area behind the right ramp to start that multiball. During multiball shoot more balls into that area as the pop bumper hits will add more balls into play. You can get up to 6 balls going at once!
  2. The Raptor Pit area on the lower left can be bashed (similar to Sparky on Metallica) to start the Raptor Tri-Ball multiball.
  3. Shoot the captive ball in front of the truck right up the middle of the playfield and use kinetic energy to spin the truck left and right. At the top of the LCD display you will see each turn of the truck adds a letter to T-REX. Once you have spelled T-REX shoot the left ramp to start a T-Rex Encounter, be sure to read the display while the ball is stopped in the left inlane so you know what shots to hit during the mode.
  4. Notice on the backboard of the game there are three inserts that spell MAP. Shoot the white dinosaur inserts to spell MAP, once completed shoot the left ramp to advance your paddock on the map and capture the next dinosaur earning rewards along the way.
  5. HAVE FUN! This game has some amazing features play it a lot and learn more and more as you go. If you have questions definitely feel free to ask and I’ll help as much as I can as I also learn the game.

Image result for jurassic park pinball stern

Also don’t forget that we have our Monthly Tournament this Sunday at 4PM. $1 entry fee and the format is 4-strikes group knockout. Jurassic Park will be in the tournament as well as most of our other 16 machines at the location!

Keep your eyes peeled in the coming months as we look to expand even more pinball at North End Pub and Market Square Lanes!

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