The Day We Have All Been Waiting For…


Fall League

8:30 PM kickoff for the Bears and for the Pinball Fall Season! Remember North End Pub is just one of 10 locations around the state participating in the Hoosier Open Pinball Super-League (HOPS) this Fall. Former Champion Keith Alyea represented North End Pub with pride through the first season this past Spring. Both he and Danielle Alexander fought hard to claim the Summer season title but came up just short so the trophy and pride now rest in Indianapolis with Jon Rangel. With the fall season starting up it’s our chance to reclaim our spot at the top of the mountain of HOPS! Anyone is 21+ is welcome to come and join us in the league.

There is no cost to join, and typical league nights will just require $2-$4 in quarters to play all the games that night. Our league lasts for the next 8 weeks with only your top 6 weeks counting in the standings. Based on the total number of players who participate in the league and at our location we will be delegated a certain number of spots out of the 24 available for the championship finals which will be hosted by none other than Main Street Amusements in Lafayette, Indiana on November 2nd!

Grab some friends, order a pizza, get a pitcher of beer, play some pinball and have a great night out! Hope to see everyone down there tonight.

Oh and the delivery truck that somehow misplaced Star Wars yesterday is supposed to be meeting me there at 3:30 PM today so we should have that set up in time for the league as well.

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