LEAGUE NIGHT! 8:30 PM! Tournament SUNDAY 1 PM!

The title says it all, get down to North End Pub tonight as we hit the midpoint of our Fall Season. Show up early for some practice, stay late for some fun, eat pizza and drink beer in between! See everyone there tonight and remember you still have time to enter scores for Jurassic Park, Seawitch, and Judge Dredd for September’s selfie tournament as well.

Also don’t forget this Sunday we are doing a fun tournament called Pinball Kumite: Bloodsport 1! There will be awesome Samurai Swords awarded as prizes to the top 3 finishers! We will start at 1 PM, and we plan to be wrapped up by 6/7 PM that evening. Anyone is welcome to come and play. This even is non-IFPA and just for fun…and pride…and awesome prizes…bragging rights…dominance…anything else you’d like to throw in there as well! Hope to see everyone there Sunday.



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