Congrats and Thank You!

So last night we finished up our fall league and the third season of Hoosier Open Pinball Super-League at North End Pub! Our location finished the season with 20 players who participated in at least half of the weeks making us the second biggest location in the league this season! We get to send 5 players to Main Street Amusements this Saturday to compete in the HOPS League Championships, Tommy Skinner, Keith Alyea, Casey Taylor, Rick Dunkin, and Tom Vandenberg will be representing NEP with Brandon Edging as our substitute in case of emergency absence. Good luck to everyone this weekend and thank you to everyone who came out and played this season.



We won’t have another HOPS season until Spring, but we will be bringing Team League back for the 3rd year in the coming month so stay tuned and get those squads ready, someone needs to take down the defending Champion Region Rats!


Also, again I wanted to thank everyone who came out and played in our Monthly Tournament on Sunday. We raised the entry fee to $5 and donated all the coins from the pinball machines and all the cash from our bill changer to the cause and we were able to raise $350 that day just from the tournament and combined with efforts from the month in Market Square Lanes together we will be donating over $600 plus several boxes of supplies to Power of the Purse.

Lastly, starting next Tuesday we will have 90-minute tournaments in Market Square Lanes just focused on those machines and open to all ages! Please come out and play. No cost to enter and will take roughly $5-$8 in quarters to participate. Will be a fast and fun format.

too sweet Tuedays flyer wtih dates

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