It’s the best day of the week! Free Pinball and AEW Dynamite on TNT down at North End Pub! Be sure to check out Metallica as we just uploaded a special Christmas Edition of the code last night so you can rock out to your favorite Christmas Jams while still sending Sparky to the electric chair!

We are going to leave Metallica on coin drop and we will be donating all the quarters for the rest of the month to the Almost Home Humane Society in Lafayette, we can’t forget about taking care of those puppies in need during the holidays!

Don’t forget to enter selfie scores on Hardbody, WWF Royal Rumble, and Star Wars!

Lastly, if you notice anything wrong with a machine please let me know as we are prepping for The 2nd Annual Indiana Matchplay State Championships this Sunday!

Image result for christmas puppy

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