Team League Week 3 Thursday Night at 8:30

The returning champs, Region Rats, stay unbeaten with a 6-3 win over the Super Jackpots last week, and Pindemonium squeaked a win out over RIP Tommy B, 5-4.

Heading into week 3 RIP Tommy B will get the bye week and we will have the matchup many are expecting to be the battle of the year with The Region Rats taking on the Doom Room!

Super Jackpots vs Pindemonium Drei!
Region Rats vs Doom Room
RIP Tommy B vs BYE

Here are the current standings:

Team Name Wins Points
Doom Room 1 6
Pindemonium Drei! 1 8
RIP Tommy B 0 7
Super Jackpots 0 3
Region Rats 2 12


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