Free Play Wednesday, Team League Thursday!

It’s the best night of the week! Free Play Wednesday from open to close tonight! I’ll get down there to change the machines over as soon as I’m done with wrestling practice.


Thursday night we the Team League schedule is as follows:

Region Rats vs RIP Tommy B
Doom Room vs Super Jackpots
Pindemonium Drei! vs BYE

There is however a chance that we could be facing some inclement weather that evening that could affect the Region Rats attendance. If that were to be the case we will alter the schedule. We will just play it by ear and remain flexible as we head into week 4 of team league.

With that being said HOPS League is just one month away from kicking back off on Thursday nights!!! March 5th will be the first night of our Spring Season. Compete for the chance to battle the best players from across the state by participating in the HOPS League.

March 5th – April 30th Hops League Spring Season 2020! The Finals will be held on May 16th!

HOPS Logo large mixed logo v8

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