It’s Back!!! Finally, the time has come for all of us who don’t even exercise to get our chance to compete for glory! andre the giant.gif

This Thursday at 8:30 PM we will kick off our return of HOPS Pinball League. Our location is just one of 9 across the state who will battle it out for pinball supremacy! The season lasts 8 weeks, and your best 6 will count in the final standings. The league is free to join, and will only cost a couple dollars in quarters each week to play the required games. Anyone can come and play so don’t be afraid to try something new. Bring some friends or neighbors with because the more players we have the more fun we have. Will you rise to the top? Will you be the cream of the crop?cream of the crop.gif

How will you celebrate your victory over your inferior foes? Will you display the splendor of Winona or the dancing passion of Bill?

winona win.gif

bill murray win.gif









At the end of the season who will be left to stand as the King of the Hoosier Pinball World?

king of the world.gif


IT COULD BE YOU!!!!! See everyone Thursday night and if you have any questions just let me know!

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