Just a friendly reminder that Pinball League is coming back to North End Pub next week on Thursday, October 1st! It has been 7 months since we have gathered together to enjoy the battle against the silverball, and quite frankly I think we are all ready to battle once more.

As per usual we will say league starts about 8:30 PM to play, we will stick to groups of 4 like we always have, and we encourage masks, social distancing, and good hygiene like washing your hands and using sanitizer.

The League as always remains free to join, and will last 8 weeks. Just plan to bring a few dollars of quarters for the machines each week. Food and drinks are available like always!

We should have at least 20 machines available for league with our new Avengers: Infinity Quest machine scheduled to arrive sometime after the first week of October. Check out the amazing rules exploration video below to get some idea of how the game will play once we have it added to our lineup.

We are also planning to add our first System 11 game to North End Pub sometime during the season. System 11 are a games that bridge the gap between the early solid state like our Flash Gordon, and the completely modern games like Fish Tales. I couldn’t think of a better game for our little spot of pinball heaven than 1990’s Radical! The crazy skateboarding themed game is loaded with 4 flippers and ramps everywhere! These games are characterized by unique layouts and simpler rules and this game to me to screams the 90s which I love. Our game is going to have some updated roms installed that provide and even better ruleset, but to give you and idea of how it plays here is another great tutorial video. The second video is from a major tournament two years ago showing off some of the newer rules that help balance the game out.

Bowen Kerins PAPA Pinball Radical! Tutorial
Free Play Florida Tournament Stream

Bottom line is I personally can’t wait to see everyone and I’m looking very forward to playing some pinball with my friends again!

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