Thank You for Playing in League!!!

A big thank you to everyone who came out and played in Pinball League last night! It was great to see everyone again and I hope everyone had some fun while there.Thanks for following the safety guidelines and wearing masks. One week down, and eight to go! After getting the last game score in just now we have the updated standings after week one below!

We will see everyone again next week, and as usual feel free to show up early and stay late, but expect to start flipping for league at about 8:30 as our players who also play in the bowling league wrap up around then.

Don’t forget also we have Avengers: Infinity Quest and Radical! both coming into the bar at some point this month as well, and if things are looking good we may run a monthly tournament on October 25th, I’ll update that info in the coming days.

Again THANK YOU!!!!

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