Will You Challenge the Black Knight Again? HAHAHA

The Black Knight! A pinball villain dreamt up from the mind of Steve Ritchie one of pinballs greatest designers. The Black Knight, or BK as he is often referred to, began stealing quarters from players way back in 1980 when he first hit the floors of arcades. At the time the game was groundbreaking being the first game to market with a two level playfield and introduced Magna-Save features to the outlanes. With the classic medieval theme, great sounds, amazing light show, and addictive game play the Black Knight was a massively popular game.

After having stolen the quarters of unsuspecting kids for years and years he took a break, until the end of the decade when in 1989 he rode once more! Bringing what many consider some of the most iconic music in pinball to Black Knight 2000, or BK2K, again returning with many of the similar features of the original but just turned up a few more notches. The BK having squandered his previous riches returned to one again win your quarters, and that he did.

He was so succesful this time around that many thought we would never ever, ever hear from the Black Knight again as this time he couldn’t possibly go through that fortune he had stolen….But a Knights thirst for coins can never be quenched….and in 2019 the year of our lord he has reappeared in Black Knight: Sword of Rage! This game is fast, it’s furious, and most importantly it is FUN! The soundtrack comes from Scott Ian of Anthrax fame, the Black Knight himself is voiced by famed musician Ed Robertson of the Bare Naked Ladies, and it brings back the upper playfield, the magna save, the spinners, and most importantly you can finally defeat the Black Knight!

The Black Knight himself appears on top of the machine to talk trash to you as you play.

The game can be brutal, get used to back handing shots, trapping up and slowing down, working to stack your catapult and triple knight multiballs, and battling the monsters on your quest to take the Black Knight down at his castle!

Here is a great game played by Jack Danger of Dead Flip to give you a great idea of how to play the game.

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