Free Pinball in North End Pub tonight! AEW at 8PM! Another, yes another, new pinball machine is showing up at North End Pub tonight at some point! Big Guns! With the great reception Radical! has received this week we figured we may as well bring you some more System 11 (specific era of pinball machines) game. This one is bigger than the rest with an extra tall back box that includes an animated pachinko mini game. Not sure what time it will get there tonight but it is coming at least! The game has a really cool multiball start, and some pretty basic rules but is lots of fun to shoot. Don’t forget you can also check out the brand new Avengers: Infinity Quest Premium edition at $1 per paly, or 3 plays for $2, Black Knight Premium, Spider-Man, and Radical are all also new to us this month! The weather outside sucks, but the pinball machines inside are awesome so get flippin!

Here is our friend Erik showing you some of the rules and strategy of Big Guns.

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