Week 5 Results – Thank you for playing! Tournament Sunday @ 4PM!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to start off by saying thank you so much for coming out and playing in league at North End Pub. It has been such a pleasure to see everyone, and I also appreciate everyone’s efforts to mask up and stay safe while there! This past week was the busiest the machines have been since last February and we really appreciate that. We really hope you are enjoying the new games and that everyone feels welcome at league and has a good time.

Reminder that this Sunday we are going to have a 4-Strikes, group knockout tournament starting at 4PM. I suspect it will conclude by 8 pm approximately. Big guns won’t be in the tournament, but I should have the flipper fixed on Godzilla by then and I think everything else will be tournament ready.

Here are the standings for league after week 5. Three weeks left in the season!

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