Week 7 of League Tonight! 8:30

We are in the home stretch of our league! Only this week and next week left and it is still anyone’s championship to capture!

We are in a good news bad news situation with the new restrictions handed down by the governor yesterday. The good news is we will still be able to meet play and finish our season. The bad news is that we will not be able to use the games on the bowling alley side right now, and the games in the Penalty Box room in the front will be limited to one group at a time. The reason for these new restrictions is that the players not currently up on the machines have to stay seated now. As has been the rule all players must still wear their masks. So not any huge drastic changes, but just some small ways that you can help us stay in compliance with the new local ordinances so that we can continue to have a league.

So games not in play tonight are Big Guns, Super Mario Bros., Baywatch, WWF Royal Rumble, X-men, Godzilla, and Dale Jr. That leaves you with 18 games to pick from. Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight!

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