Pinball League Week 1 Results!

Hey everyone, thank you for the flexibility during our first week and having to adjust to a new scoring website. I will ask that from now on we actually write down the actual scores on the machine, and not just placement values. It isn’t a huge deal, but it gives me more data to track and helps just in case there are any mistakes to also have the scores. I’ll also be working on a quick demo of how to enter the scores yourself, but I think the paper will honestly just be the easiest and it gives me something to do in front of the computer at work. As always anyone can still come and join league at any time so feel to bring friends that want to try it out and we will get them into a group. Looking forward to seeing everyone on Thursday night!

Here are the results from Week 1! The scores displayed at the link did not include the adjusted points for Michael playing his make up games last night. I had to manually go in and manually adjust them because of something I had done incorrectly when entering the scores, but now know how to avoid that in the future. The point totals displayed below are correct for Week 1.

Here is where you can see the overall standings from each week.

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