Free Play Wednesday is Here! League Thursday Night! Tournament Sunday at 3PM!

That’s right folks, you know it’s your favorite day of the week! Free Play Wednesday at North End Pub! 10+ machines on free play in the bar area, and some of the newest games on the market still available on coin drop including Avengers: Infinity Quest by Stern, Hot Wheels by American Pinball, and Guns N’ Roses from Jersey Jack Pinball! Don’t forget we have a Pinball League that plays on Thursday nights at 8:30 and anyone can join, we have two weeks left in the season so come on out and see what it is about, and also this Sunday we have our monthly 4-strikes tournament. No cost to join league or the tournament just the quarters needed for the machines.

Here is a rules chart to help you understand some of the basicas on GNR.

Here is another pinball forum where some of the more intricate parts of GNR are explained.

Also, one of the best players in the world has been putting out some tutorials on Avengers showing you how to best use the gems and get further in the game while blowing up the score so take a look. These videos really have helped me to understand a better way to approach the game.

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