Standings for League!

Sorry for the late update but here is the league results through week 6 and it is organized by our weekly averages so you can get a decent idea of who you will be playing with tonight! See everyone in about 2 hours!

Player#1#2#3#4#5#6#7#8ResultTotalWeekly AVG.
17Kyle Gartland22222222
12Bob Twichell281418606020
9Austin Hill142018141810709419.66666667
1Tommy Skinner2216142420228811819.66666667
5Matt Peace2024266767619
5Keith Alyea1820182018187611218.66666667
4Brett Maxwell1414162514227710517.5
7Casey Taylor1224142014728416.8
2Rick Dunkin24161018256839916.5
7Dan Trapp181416122216729816.33333333
10Michael Alexander IN22825148697715.4
3John Hawxby4813162625809215.33333333
11Danielle Alexander12187191413648313.83333333
13Ryan Garriott18141310555513.75
15Tommy Allmon1313262613
19Andy Milam13131313
13Christina Wilson161019101010557512.5
16David Linder718252512.5
17Curtis Jarrard1210222211
20Chris Gartland8888

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