League Standings! Thank you! Spooky Season Tournament!

Here are the standings for league after week 6! Casey and Collin still have to play their makeup games so if you were in a group with either of them expect that your scores will still slightly be adjusted. As you can see now we also have both total points and adjusted points. Total points is all the points you have earned playing every week, and adjusted points subtracts your 2 lowest weeks. The adjusted points are what are used for final standings so they are more important. We still use the total points to calculate your average weekly points for group pairings! Thank you again to all of you who are coming out and playing this season! It has been great to see so many of you week in and week out! Also we will have Godzilla here before league next week for certain!

Also, we will be hosting a special Spooky Season Selfie Tournament on Halloween and Freddy: Nightmare on Elm Street! This means anytime you visit North End Pub now through the rest of the month snap a picture of your score on Halloween or Freddy: Nightmare on Elm Street and submit the score to the matchplay selfie site! You can register yourself, make as many attempts as you’d like. The high score on each machine at the end of the month will win a blanket featuring Michael Myers for Halloween and Freddy Krueger for Nightmare on Elm Street and we will plan a little head to head battle for a grand prize between the top two finalists! Big thanks to Casey and North End Pub for sponsoring the prizes for this event! Don’t forget we also have our monthly 4-strikes tournament as well as the Halloween Launch Party on Sunday October 24th and 31st respectively!

Death Battle 11 : Michael Myers vs Freddy Krueger by BlazingFury316 on  DeviantArt

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