League Night Thursday @ 8:30 PM! Sunday is Halloween Launch Party @ 1PM!

Hey everyone! Get ready for our last night of the pinball league season this Thursday! 8:30 PM like usual! There are several of you who have played two weeks so far so if you can show up this week and play for your 3rd time you get counted in our player count and help us get greater representation at the finals! As of right now, we will be sending 6 players to the finals which are on Saturday, Nov. 6th at Boss Battle Games at 1PM! If you’re near the top of the rankings get ready to go and represent North End Pub! We have had two champions in the past and it’s time to make it a third!

Big Lebowski: Ranking the 20 best characters | EW.com

Then this Sunday we have a special Launch Party for our Halloween by Spooky Pinball! The tournament will be a 2 hours flip frenzy format! The finals will be played on the Halloween machine itself. Spooky Pinball was kind enough to send us a sweet swag box of prizes to give away as well so get on down and be ready to have some flippin’ fun!

We will also have the finals for our Freddy vs Michael tournament! Remember you can enter this tournament at any time just by submitting a picture of your score! The high score on each machine will win a blanket featuring either Freddy or Michael and the finalists will have a playoff to see who is the King/Queen of Spooky Season!

We also have two new games arriving at some point on Sunday! We don’t know exactly what time yet, but I’m incredibly excited to share these ones with you! We love trying to bring you new games to enjoy at North End Pub! Thank you so much to everyone who has been coming out and enjoying pinball with us!

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