Thursday End of Season Celebration PIZZA PARTY AND AWARDS!

Hey everyone! Thanks again so much for playing in the league this season, we had a blast! It was so amazing to see how much our league has grown from when we started with just a couple machines and only a few players just a couple years ago. Although we don’t have an official league night this week I planned to head down to the bar this Thursday for a bit of celebration and pinball fun! I have some prizes for the top 4 finishers from our location, as well as for those who had perfect attendance this season. I’ll provide some pizzas for everyone down there to eat this night and drinks are on you as I’ve seen the damage some of you can do to a bar tab. I’m going to throw the games in the bar on free play for everyone until about 10 PM at which point I’ll need to switch them back over and head home for the night. Hope to see a bunch of you come on down and hang out and enjoy our new games as well that arrived just after the league wrapped up The Beatles and TMNT! Below are the final standings.

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