Thank You! December 19th Sleep in Heavenly Peace CHARITY Stream!

Thank you to everyone who came out and played in the tournament yesterday! Special shout out to John and Valerie who visited all the way from Missouri, and thanks to Luis for bringing the Indiana Matchplay State Championship out for a defense! John ended up claiming the title and is hoping to make it back in the next month to defend the title!

Here are the full results from yesterday’s tournament:

1,Tommy Skinner,19854
2,Matt Peace,28150
3,Rick Dunkin,52146
4,Kim Coghill,29761
4,Andy Dill,71092
7,John Hawxby,48373
7,Dan Trapp,82838
7,Brett Maxwell,63167
9,Michela Phillabaum,83036
9,Macy Smith,82649
11,Valerie Iriarte,28086
12,Luis Ramirez,82432
12,John Miller MO,35
14,Christina Wilson,83034
14,Collin Fiol,80541

Now more importantly it is holiday time and just like last year we are looking to do big things for Sleep in Heavenly Peace! This charity builds beds for children who don’t have them. Something that so many of us take for granted is that we have a bed to lay down in at the end of the day, a space to call our own. So how it works is Dec. 19th we will have all the machines in the bar on FREE PLAY all day long! We will have a bucket for cash donations, we will have Paypal and venmo set up to take donations, we will be streaming from 12 PM to 12 AM hanging out playing pinball, and raising money. Every $500 we raise builds an entire bunk bed set for a family including the bedding materials. Last year our goal was to build one bunk bed set, and well we ended up building seven! This year we are aiming for two bunk bed sets, and we hope to exceed it! So please mark your calendars for Dec. 19th and plan to come and hang out with us all day long flipping and having fun at North End Pub!

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