Pinball League Tonight! 8:30 PM! Everyone is Invited! Sunday Diapers, Donuts, and Pinball Party!

Hey Everyone, week 2 of pinball league is tonight! 8:30 start like usual! I’ll get the standings posted today.

This Sunday, we will be having a Diapers, Donuts, and Pinball Party. I’ll provide the donuts and pinball, and if you can bring me some diapers that would be sweet, preferably hypoallergenic. Pinball machines will be on free play all throughout the bar and bowling alley all day long. If you can’t or don’t want to bring diapers or wipes, you are of course still welcome to hang out. This is causal and just meant to be a fun hang out. We may even bust out the streaming rig and go live online for a bit.


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