Pinball League Tonight at 8:30 PM! Standings After Week 1!

Hey Everyone! Thank you so much for coming and playing in Pinball League last week! We have week 2 tonight! If you can’t make it but want to be included in a make-up group please reach out to let me know, and also your game choice!

North End Pub Fall Pinball League 2022

1Cole Jarrard26026
1Tommy Skinner24024
1Jarrett Morrow24024
1Brett Maxwell22022
1Dan Trapp20020
1Tony Giron20020
1Keith Alyea18018
1Casey Taylor16016
1Sam Taylor16016
1Michela Phillabaum16016
1Brayton Businger16016
1Lindsey Sickler14014
1Josh Pierson14014
1Austin Hill14014
1Danielle Alexander14014
1Paul Earwood14014
1Mark Uncapher808
1Brittany Strange808
1Faith Elizabeth808
1Christina Wilson808

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