Week 5 of Pinball League Tonight @ 8:30 PM!

Hey everyone, its pinball league night! Play will start right around 8:30. I got the parts delivered to hopefully fix Cheetah and Congo before we get started this evening. See everyone there tonight!

Here are the approximate standings as I wait to finalize a couple of groups from last week pending I can get Cheetah up and going!

RANKPLAYERStandings#1#2#3#4TOTALWeekly Avg.
1Brett Maxwell48242412228220.5
2Ryan Garriott46141820267819.5
3Michela Phillabaum44221022106416
3Michael Alexander IN44202416147418.5
3Emma Giron442222166020
6Rick Dunkin42241218167017.5
6Spencer Armes422220165819.33333333
6Tommy Skinner42201822167619
6Paul Earwood42101418246616.5
10Dan Trapp40221818127017.5
10Austin Hill40161822187418.5
12Tony Giron38201210186015
12Danielle Alexander38161818207218
12Jesse Sanders3810820185614
12Mark Uncapher3812263819
16Casey Taylor36121818126015
16Lindsey Sickler361224685012.5
16Macy Smith361214224816
19Charley Fischer34221264013.33333333
19Brayton Businger341214204615.33333333
21Michael Wertz321016164214
22Josh Pierson3016108144812
23Christina Wilson2810182814
24Curtis Jarrard2610162613
25Keith Alyea24242424
26Brittany Strange2210812104010
27Sam Taylor188104227.333333333

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