Finals Tonight 8:30 PM! League Standings Heading into Finals!

Hey Everyone!

This is our last night of the Winter/Spring Season! We will have Flip Frenzy at 8:30 PM, we will play for 90 minutes, each win being added to your season point total. The top 4 players from the Flip Frenzy will then play one final random game using 7-5-3-1 scoring and those points will also be added to your season point total.

PLAYERRESULT6 Week Total#1#2#3#4#5#6#7#8TOTAL
1Tommy Skinner1362018221620202628170
2Brett Maxwell130242412222222164146
3Austin Hill12016182218241422134
4Paul Earwood1181014182416162816142
5Michael Alexander IN1162024161412201620142
5Emma Giron11622221614141428130
7Jesse Sanders114108202414202016132
8Dan Trapp1122218181218181812136
8Danielle Alexander1121618182016221018138
10Michela Phillabaum11122102213162414121
11Spencer Armes1072220162281413115
12Ryan Garriott104141820221214816124
13Tony Giron1022012101816162012124
14Rick Dunkin100241218161614100
14Michael Wertz1001016141828148108
16Josh Pierson981610814182416106
16Casey Taylor981218181214141816122
18Lindsey Sickler9612246814161218110
19Brayton Businger801214181414880
20Macy Smith6912141322869
21Brittany Strange5410812841254
22Keith Alyea52242852
23Christina Wilson46101881046
24Mark Uncapher38122638
25Jarrett Morrow371681337
26Charley Fischer34221234
27Curtis Jarrard331016733
28Amanda Akers281081028
29Natalie Nonos262626
30Sam Taylor22810422
30Jen Ruper222222
32Cole Jarrard191919
33Jason Phillabaum141414
34Faith Zettler666

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