Fall League Standings Before Finals Night!

Hey guys, the Lafayette Pinball League Fall 2016 Season finished regular season play last night and we will officially be crowning our new champion next Tuesday 10/11/2016 at Main Street Amusements!

Here are the standings after the final night.


The finals tournament will start promptly at 7:30 next week, be sure you are on time. We will be using a 16 man, double elimination bracket. Rounds will be played head to head in a best of 3 games format. The higher seeded player will get choice of either game or position on game 1, the lower seeded player will get choice of either game or position on game 2, and if game 3 is necessary the choice of game or position goes back to the higher seed. All pinball machines on the floor on Main Street Amusements are available to be selected to play unless otherwise noted before the event due to a playability issue with the machine.

We will be using a live online bracket to run the tournament. HERE

Currently we have 14 players eligible to play in the finals by having participated in at least 3 weeks of seasonal play. We will be using a 16 man bracket giving a bye to Keith and Matt as the #1 & #2 seeds respectively. Bracket is subject to change based on attendance next Tuesday, look forward to seeing everyone there. We will also be handing out awards from last seasons finals before the start of the tournament Tuesday since it just came to my attention that I have forgotten to do that, my apologies.



Last reminder is that tonight is the finals for September Selfie League! Start time is 7:30 .

Group A is Matt, Tommy, Keith, and Tom.

Group B is Ryan, Dan St. John, Craig, and that other Dan.

Group C is……hopefully someone shows up for group C, it would be Joe, Rob, Darcy, Chris, Terry, Brian, and/or Bob….So show up and play 3 games of pinball for some points and some pride.

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