Hey everyone!!!! Reminder that tomorrow night is the finals for our Fall 2016 Season!!! We will have a brief awards presentation for last season’s winners, like literally a minute, before we start the tournament so please be on time or early and ready for tomorrow. Remember the finals typically runs a bit later than our average league week.

Also remember there is a $10 entry fee to play in the finals! A portion of the money goes to awards, the rest gets split between the finalists. All matches, winners and losers bracket, are best of 3, and the tournament is double elimination. The higher seed gets choice of game or position on game 1. The lower seed gets choice on game 2. If game 3 is necessary the choice returns to the higher seed. All games on the floor of MSA are eligible to be selected unless otherwise noted due to some malfunction. Extra balls you receive one plunge, and zero (0) flips. You can not attempt a skill shot / soft plunge over and over. If your plunge fails to clear the shooter lane than your opponent gets to plunge your ball.


Our bracket will be updated live online and is available to view here . I recommend saving the link to your phone for your viewing while the tournament takes place.

After we have crowned our new champion feel free to stop by DT Kirby’s for some celebratory food and drinks.


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