Get Ready to Kick Some A$$!

The day has finally arrived for us to come, to see, and to kick some ass on Ghostbusters Premium down at Main Street Amusements! Over the last several months we have patiently awaited the arrival of one of the most highly anticipated pinball machines to be released in years. The game is designed by John Trudeau, coded by Dwight Sullivan, and artwork done by Zombi Yeti (aka Jeremy Packer)! The game features “magna-slings”, a subway ramp that dips under the playfield, a moving Slimer bash toy, and a very deep rule set. It has the traditional Trudeau flipper gap so get used to some SDTM drains on this one, and be ready for a battle against the ghosts. Grab your tokens and PayRange app and head on down to MSA to do some flippin! GB Premium.jpg

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