Your November Monthly Champion is KEITH!

The man, the myth, the legend does it again winning the selfie tournament two weeks ago and now the monthly 3 strikes tournament! It is safe to say Keith is on a hot streak so watch out! Forcing Keith to a 2nd game in the finals was Darcy, who finished in second, with Dan I. knocking out Tommy in the battle for 3rd. Dan St. John also continued his win streak over Craig ever since the Mayhem tournament just in case anyone else is keeping track. Full results below!

1,Keith Alyea
2,Darcy Thomas
3,Dan Isaacson
4,Tommy Skinner
5,Chris Gartland
5,Mark Uncapher
8,Bob Skinner
8,Dan St. John
8,Tom Vandenberg
10,Matt Peace
10,Ron Languell
12,Craig Farner


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