Sun King Brewing Company presents…

Sun King Brewing Company proudly presents Main Street Amusements Monthly Knockout Tournament on Tuesday, March 21st, 2017 in Lafayette, IN! 

Sun King Brewing Company.png

Recently I reached out to several brewing companies across the state of Indiana in an effort to gain sponsorships for our monthly pinball tournaments at MSA. As many of you know nothing goes together quite like pinball and beer.  Sun King Brewery is the first to reply that they will support us in a partnered effort to grow competitive pinball in Indiana! They have agreed to donate a prize package for the March tournament that includes, 4 pint glass, a $15 gift card, and a Sun King sticker! Be sure to come to Main Street Amusements and enter the tournament on March 21st, at 8:00 PM, for your chance to win one of these great prizes.

Sun King Brewing Company is an Indianapolis-based craft brewery with a focus on continually creating traditional seasonal and unique specialty beer. Sun King rolled their first keg of beer out of the door in July 2009 and since that time has grown into one of Indiana’s largest and most award-winning breweries, with multiple medals at the Great American Beer Festival® and the World Beer Cup®.

Sun King Brewing Company is located at 135 N. College Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46202. There full beer list is available on their site. We are one of many different organizations that Sun King works with across the state, a full list of their partners is also available on their site! The next time you are at a bar or restaurant be sure to see if they have any Sun King available!

Again a huge thank you to Sun King Brewing Company! We look forward to a continued partnership in the future.



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