IFPA SCS & Selfie League Update!

Reminder that Lafayette Pinball League is on a break until March 7th, but that doesn’t mean you can go down and participate in selfie league this month! The games are Game of Thrones, Funhouse, Batman ’66, Captain Fantastic, and Metallica. There have been some awesome scores posted already but get down to MSA and make them better! Also reminder that next Tuesday, February 21st we have our regular monthly three strikes tournament with $5 entry fee!

Also this past weekend Main Street Amusements hosted the IFPA Indiana Pinball State Championships and the local boys did good with Tommy and Tom taking 1st & 2nd respectively, Chuck Jackson from Chicago coming in 3rd, and Bob Skinner coming in 4th.. It is the first time the State Championship has returned to Lafayette since Phil Grimaldi moved away, and we hope to keep it here again next year. Also remember all of our IFPA events (league finals, monthly 3 strikes, and selfie league) all build up points for your state ranking which gets you invited to next year’s state championships so show up to everything that you can!


J&C Online Coverage

WLFI Local Coverage

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