Just a quick reminder to everyone that we have league finals tomorrow night. There is a $10 entry fee for the tournament, and as usual all money is awarded back out in prizes for the top two finishers, this time it will be in both A & B division. All entry fee money stays with their division as well, equal splits. If we end up with an odd number of players the extra player will be in B division. We will use the point total from regular season for seeding.

Each match is a best of three series, higher seed has choice of game or position for game one, then lower seed has choice for game two, and if there is a game three choice goes back to higher seed. The tournament is double elimination so an early loss does not stop you from coming all the way back to claim victory.

Trophies will also be made up for the champion of each division. If anyone has questions get ahold of me. We will start right at 7:30, and I recommend getting there a few minutes early so we can get bracket organized and start play right away as finals night can sometimes run a bit longer with the different format. Hope to see all of you there tomorrow night!


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