Final Summer League Standings!

The moment you have all been waiting for …. okay probably not, but Matt was able to just barely edge out Keith to finish in the top spot for the Summer Season finishing with 98 points, to Keith’s 97. A huge thank you to everyone who came out and participated this season! Full results of week 8 and final standings for Summer League are below.

LPL Summer 2017 week 8 results and final standings

The epic finale of Summer League will be next week when all 16 league members who played in at least three weeks this season are eligible to compete for the LPL Summer League Championship! The Finals Bracket is live and will be updated based on attendance next week. Reminder everyone is encouraged to come and play in the finals tournament. If we have all 16 players show up we can vote on splitting between an A & B division at the time. If it is less than that it really just makes more sense to leave it as one bracket most likely. A reminder that there is a $10 entry fee for the finals tournament and that money is used to purchase awards and as a prize pot for the top two finishers if we do one bracket, and A & B champions if we split into two. Also, plan to be there a little bit later if you want to win it as finals night usually runs longer than an average league night.

LPL summer 2017 finals bracket

Again thank you to Dan and Main Street Amusements for providing us with such an amazing location to host our league, and thank you to all the players who come out and participate week in and week out! I’m always open to hearing suggestions for ways to improve league so if anyone has any ideas please let me know!

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