Tomorrow night is the finals for our Summer League at Main Street Amusements! Anyone who played in at least 3 weeks of the league can participate in the tournament. There is a $10 entry fee, and all money is used for awards & trophies for the top finishers. The tournament is head-to-head, best of 3 matches and is double elimination. The tournament typically runs longer than our average league night so keep that in mind. The higher seeded player in each match gets the choice of game or position on game 1, then lower seed for game 2, and back to higher seed if game 3 is necessary. Below is the bracket if all 16 players show up, if not adjustments will be made.

LPL summer 2017 finals bracket

Secondly, on Friday evening we will be hosting a charity tournament to help raise funds for Hurricane Harvey relief. The tournament format will be 3-strikes and will have a $10 entry fee with 100% going towards an animal based charity in the Houston area. That tournament will begin at 8PM. Also, Main Street Amusements has extended hours this Friday opening at 5PM to allow for more practice time for the Harvey charity tournament as well as for Main Street Mayhem which will take place all day Saturday and Sunday afternoon as well. Right now we have a full 48 players still confirmed for the Mayhem tournament, but if anyone is interested in serving as an alternate in case a player doesn’t show up please let me know.


Lastly, Main Street Mayhem starts at 10 AM on Saturday and goes through 10 PM, Sunday is again at 10 AM and we should be wrapped up by 4 PM or so. The arcade will be closed to the public on Saturday, but open for regular hours on Sunday night. The tournament will feature 48 players including several ranked in the top 100 in the world. It features 10 rounds of matchplay format competition and has thousands of dollars in prize money to be awarded. Hopefully, you are one of the lucky participants, and if you aren’t this year then maybe you can join us next year if we have the tournament again. See everyone Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this week!

2017 Mayhem sticker

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