Congrats to Matt Peace! Summer League CHAMPION!

Matt delivered himself a birthday present last night as he cruised to victory finishing both the regular season and the finals tournament in 1st place! Congrats to Matt on an amazing season, and to everyone else as well who came out and played this summer. Thank you all for another good season, and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. It was awesome to have so many new faces this year, and we hope you will all be back for next season which starts October 3rd. Full results are below and you can view the completed bracket here to see round by round scores! lpl summer 2017 final results.PNG

Don’t forget to come down to Main Street Amusements this Friday for our Hurricane Harvey Charity 3-Strikes tournament!


And start spreading the word about Fall League which kicks off in under a month!

jurassicpark league posterBTTF League Poster


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