Main Street Amusements is hosting a charity pinball tournament tonight at 8PM. There is a $10 entry fee to play. All entry fees collected will be going to the Houston SPCA to help animals impacted by Hurricane Harvey. They were chosen because of their positive track record as a charitable organization and transparency levels.  The format is 3-Strikes. You will be paired with a random player on a random machine, the loser gets a strike, get 3 strikes and you are eliminated, the last person without 3 strikes is the winner!

Absolutely anyone can play, and we would love to have a ton of people so that we can make a nice donation. Main Street Amusements has offered to match whatever we can collect in donations tonight so even if you don’t want to play but would like to come and leave a donation we will gladly accept that as well. The arcade opens at 5 PM tonight so come in and get in some practice for the tournament, and have a good time while helping with a great cause.




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