Jerilee’s Novice League and Free Play Wednesday!

Hey, everyone, I have a few machines over at Jerilee’s Pub in Market Square Lanes. If you are looking to play even more pinball we have a novice league starting up on Thursday’s at 8PM. Anyone, well anyone 21+, is welcome to play but it is aimed at helping out people newer to pinball especially. There are no IFPA points or anything like that, at the end of the season, we will have a small tournament and prizes for the top finishers. All the games are $.50 or $.25 for EM’s. It is definitely no Main Street Amusements but it is still a good time. Feel free to come and bring some friends. The bar has food and drinks available for purchase and there is bowling and a redemption arcade on the family side.

Also, we have FREE PLAY Wednesdays! All machines are set to free play from 6 PM-Close on Wednesday so come and get in your practice for league tonight. Don’t forget to tip your bartender.

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Games are NBA JAM, WWF Royal Rumble, Metallica Pro, Congo, The Shadow, Fish Tales, Prospector, and Baywatch.

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