Pinsgiving III!

As some of you know we have done Pinsgiving the last few years as my house,  yes it is a made up holiday by me and hallmark with the intent of selling a few extra cards. This year we are doing something a bit different with it. I hope that a lot of you can make it.

Pinsgiving Charity Tournament Nov. 26th, 12 PM @ Jerilee’s Pub

Pinsgiving this year will be a charity tournament to help my friend, Henry Dukes’, charity Henry House.

“The purpose of Henry House, Inc. is to build a universally accessible, adaptable residence, where individuals with physical disabilities and able-bodied individuals live together to experience the dignity and self-respect that comes from contributing to their community. It is an intentionally inclusive environment that allows individuals to live at the highest level of independence possible, while fostering a sense of community by utilizing the model of cooperative housing.

Henry is a 23 year old man with physical challenges. He utilizes a wheelchair and needs daily attendant care. Henry is funny, intelligent and great with numbers. He is an assistant Director of Basketball Operations for Purdue Women’s Basketball. Henry cannot live independently without assistance, but he has so much to offer the community.

While Henry is the inspiration for this new home, he is far from alone. Many individuals in our own community, including our Nations Veterans, require attendant care but are capable of actively engaging in the community.”


We are going to use the Pinbowling format for qualifying, by playing 10 frames. Followed by an A & B division finals splitting the qualifiers in half between the divisions. Finals will be completed in 4-player groups until we have a winner.  The games will be WWF Royal Rumble, Metallica, Congo, The Shadow, Fish Tales, Prospector, Baywatch, Viking, and two more to be announced in the coming weeks. The tournament entry fee will be $10, and coin drop will still be required on the machines. All entry fee money and coin drop will be getting donated to Henry House for that day. There will be awards for the Champions.

Pinsgiving is something I have celebrated at my house with friends the past few years, sharing my pinball collection and a meal with people I am thankful to have in my life. This year I’m hoping to share the same idea with a larger group of people and actually help with a great cause at the same time. The games are located in Jerilee’s Pub so players will have to be 21+, but the bar is attached to Market Square Lanes so those of you with family and young ones could spend some of the time with them on the bowling alley side and enjoy the family arcade available over there as well.

The tournament qualifying will start at 12:00 PM on Sunday, November 26th, and end at 5:00 PM. Finals will begin immediately after qualifying. Hope to see a lot of you there and more details will be posted in the weeks to come.

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