It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!


By that I mean it is one of those rare occasions when there is a jam-packed week of competitive pinball!

Tonight, 12/18/17, in Ft. Wayne, we have the first IFPA tournament at Wizard’s World, located at 14613 Lima Rd. The tournament will start at 8PM. The format will be 3-strikes and it will be run using

Tomorrow, 12/19/17, in Lafayette, at Main Street Amusements we have our last monthly tournament of the year and it will also be 3-strikes format. The tournament will start at 7:30 PM and have a $5 entry fee with all money going back out as prizes. We also have lots of prizes donated by Lafayette Brewing Company to be given out throughout the event.

Thursday, 12/21/17, in Lafayette, at Jerilee’s Pub we have the finals for the novice league. Finals will start shortly after 8PM, and to be eligible to play in the finals you need to have attended at least a week of the season, and be a novice player. The tournament will be head to head, best of 3 matches, and double elimination. Play until a champion has been crowned.

Then after all of that its Christmas weekend, everyone have a safe and happy holiday season.

  • Keep your eyes out for invites to the IFPA State Championship Series in the next couple weeks as that tournament will be in Indianapolis on January 20th!
  • The next season, Winter League, starts up at Main Street Amusements on January 9th.
  • The next season at Jerilee’s Pub will be a Team League, click the link for more details, it starts January 18th.

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