New Year, New Season!

Happy 2018 Everyone! Our Winter Season will kick off the new year next Tuesday, January 9th at 7:30PM! We are going to start it with a bang, A BIG BANG BAR to be exact thanks to Dan and Main Street Amusements! For those of you unfamiliar with the story of Big Bang Bar, read this , as I think it provides one of the better accounts of the games unique history. Main Street Amusements becomes only the 6th public location in the country where the game can be played, and only the 4th full time location with two being specifically at museums with limited access to the game. We are incredible fortunate to get to play such a gem at MSA! Here is a great tutorial on how to approach the game as well. Sticking with the theme of out of this world we will also play Attack from Mars, Star Trek, Firepower, and Tri-Zone this week.

LPL Winter 2018 Week 1 games


So what’s new for 2018? Well based on the 14 replies I got to the survey sent out at the conclusion of last season we are making some changes.

The first as you can already tell is we have gone back to 5 pre-selected games for each week, I will do my best to always have these posted a week in advance so people can get in practice and study the rules if they want.

Secondly, how we group players will differ from past seasons. Like always week 1 will be random pairings. Week 2 you will be paired with players who have closest average weekly points as you. Week 3 will go back to random groups. Week 4 will go back to being paired with closest average weekly points. Essentially odd weeks will be random pairings, and even weeks will be paired based on averages for the duration of season.

Lastly, our finals will now be split into A & B divisions based on the survey. This means that if we have 28 players participate in at least 3 weeks of the season A division would get the top 14 players, and B division would get the next 14 players. It will be split exactly in half. If it is an odd number, say 17 the top 8 would make A, the lower 9 would be in B. At least half the players have to be removed from top group for the IFPA System. For the finals tournament if a player in the top 8 were to be absent then the highest ranked player from B division has the option to come up and play in A division for the tournament. The absent player would then finish just outside of the A division in 9th overall place in this example.


Our entry fees for the monthly tournament and the finals night will remain at $5 and $10 respectively, with $1 being removed from each players entry fee for the new IFPA results submission fee.


Our monthly tournaments will also be restructured, we will no longer use 3 strikes. Starting January 16th, at 7:30 PM, we will have 1 hour of matchplay qualifying. You will get paired with a random person on a classic machine (EM or Solid State), winner gets a point, loser does not. We will squeeze in as many games as we can during that 1 hour. Ties will be broken by strength of opponents faced, basically the computer does it. At 8:30 we stop qualifying play and we separate into groups of 4 to play the finals which will be a 3 game papa style finals, at this point all games are now eligible to be picked. Ideally the whole thing should take about 2 hours which was what the overwhelming majority of players wanted based on the survey. The advantage here is now everyone plays the whole time and players are no longer eliminated. At the same time it also increases the difficulty and value of the tournament, and in having the qualifying take place only on the classic machines it eliminates the advantages that some players feel others have on the modern machines as the classics have a bit more randomness to them. Worst case scenario is everyone hates it and we scrap it and try something else but I have a good feeling about it.


nbx flyer


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