Congrats to Mike Burgess!

Mike starts out 2018 with a big victory in the new format monthly tournament. It seemed that people enjoyed the new way to play, and we will stick with it for another month. Everyone got to play the whole time, and everyone had a shot at winning money all the way until the end. Thanks to all who came out and participated.

A reminder that next week is week 2 of our Winter League, anyone can come and play so feel free to bring some friends. Games for week 2 are below. lpl winter 2018 week 2 games

Then most importantly after a new State Champion is crowned on Saturday in Indianapolis come back to Lafayette for the 6th Anniversary Party at Main Street Amusements! The only public location in the country that will have two Total Nuclear Annihilation machines to play, on top of all the other amazing games at MSA!


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